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Your flat commercial roof is heavy when gravel has been added to it. Gravel serves a purpose in helping to keep your roof intact and aiding in water evaporation, but when your roof needs to be replaced, gravel removal can be a difficult task. At EMI Roof Vacs we specialize in roof gravel removal. Our modern vacuum technology sucks away gravel in no time. We also sell, rent, or lease roof vacuums.

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EMI Roof Vacs of North Branch, Minnesota, is a company that removes gravel from flat, commercial roofs. We use a technologically advanced vacuum to suck the gravel off with as little mess and disruption as possible. We also provide roof vacuum sales to roofing contractors nationwide.

At EMI Roof Vacs we've been in the gravel roof service business for 30 years and have worked even longer in the roofing industry. This family-owned business wants to work with you and is interested in your success. We're not here to simply sell a product and say goodbye. We offer sales of new and used roof vacuums as well as leasing of equipment.

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