We provide gravel roof services for flat roofs.

Reliable Gravel Roof Vacuuming

EMI Roof Vacs has been in the gravel roof vacuuming industry for many years. We are experienced in working with single-ply ballast systems, Irma systems, and built-up gravel roof systems.

On average, you can expect 125-150 squares of ballast removal or 250 squares of built-up roof removal, per day. We work rain or shine and urge you to contact us today for a quote on your next roof vacuuming service project!

Roof Vac Equipment Sales

EMI Roof Vacs is a proud dealer for the Vector VecLoader 624 Roof Vacuum. We sell, lease, or rent these highly efficient machines.

Save Money

You'll be amazed at how cost-efficient, fuel-efficient, and durable this roof vacuum is. It offers easy setup and easy bag changes. The VecLoader 624 is completely self-contained and will vacuum and directly discharge wet or dry materials into a truck, dumpster, or other collection devices. There's No complicated setup.

Appreciate how VecLoaders are on the job without the shoveling, hoisting, dumping, and other multiple handling steps generally required with gravel removal. And with great prices, you get the power and performance for half the price of other machines.

At EMI Roof Vacs, we sell new and used machines. Contact our roof vacuum dealer today and start cutting your costs tomorrow. We offer leasing and financing options for you and rent equipment if needed for a single project.

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